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Mineral Exploration Network y también "Metal Tiger"


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www.rosiamontana.org "...Roșia Montană Gold Corporation (RMGC) is owned 80% by Gabriel Resources (TSX: GBU)-- a small, inexperienced, financially limited Canadian mining company that wishes to relocate the Roșia Montană residents, in order to implement the greatest open-cast mine in Europe. The other 20% of the shares are held by Minvest, a state-owned mining company. Since its very beginnings, this project has caused a great deal of outrage, as it was riddled with operational problems and was met with categoric opposition at a local, national, as well as international level. The Newmont (NTSE: NEM) American mining company holds 10% of the Gabriel Resources shares as well..."


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La Junta concede una subvención de 5,32 millones de euros a la empresa minera que gestionará la mina de wolframio de La Parrilla en Almoharín


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extract..." WATCH: W Resources secures US$35mln loan with BlackRock to fully fund La Parrilla

The group said the BlackRock financing and subsequent €5.3mln grant by the Junta de Extremadura Government has underpinned the development of W's flagship project La Parrilla in Spain as it heads into production in early first-quarter 2019.

W Resources added that the subsequent placing enables the group to accelerate development on its Portuguese projects, in particular at the Régua and Tarouca Tungsten projects in Northern Portugal and also consider other significant entry stage metal opportunities.

It said Régua will be prepared for trial mining through 2018 as key approvals and land access are now securely in place.


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Andrés...eso es información, no es alarmar la populación! Grants de la Junta de Ex.? ..."€5.3mln grant by the Junta de Extremadura Government".


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La Parilla en Extremadura!