[post] Mastodon birthday

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9th April will be the birthday of our Mastodon instance. This is a good opportunity to review the project (what went good or wrong, what should be improved, etc.) and to promote this social network.

Le 9 avril, nous fêterons l'anniversaire de notre instance Mastodon. C'est une bonne opportunité pour faire une analyse du projet (ce qui a marché ou foiré, ce qui devrait être amélioré, etc.) et pour promouvoir ce réseau social.


Pad (brainstorming + writing) : https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/mastodon-birthday


Renaud Van Eeckhout Tue 3 Apr 2018 8:23PM

I made a structure to the article and started filling the sections. The "technical aspects" section should not be mandatory for the readers (maybe in some sidebox), so feel free to make it very technical.


Ilja Sat 7 Apr 2018 7:26AM

A first draft of some parts is done (since yesterday). And a few touch-ups and partly rewrites have also been done.

We still need the
* "Why leave tradictional social networks"
* "Evaluation mastodon.pirateparty.be"
* "Technical aspects"
* Funkwhale should be added to "Future of Mastodon"
* Invitation to join Mastodon


HgO Sun 8 Apr 2018 2:25PM

We have made great progress this week-end ! There are a couple of paragraphs to be rewritten. If some of you could review the article, that would be great as well :D


@vanecx is starting the French translation (article was first written in English). Any help is welcome ;)


HgO Sun 8 Apr 2018 5:38PM

French translation is finished ! We need people to review the article in order to publish it tomorrow :)

La traduction en français est terminée ! À présent, l'article doit être relu afin de pouvoir le publier demain matin :)