Which day should the party be, 19th or 20th December?

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Ben Kenward Sun 30 Nov 2014 5:05PM

This is in favour of Saturday:
1. Of those volunteers who have expressed a preference, the majority have said Saturday
2. Järla Sjö nätverket preferred Saturday
3. There will be more time to prepare during the day
4. The so-far headlining band prefers it
5. We can start earlier and therefore be more child-friendly

Why Friday
1. Personally I am travelling abroad on Sunday so I won't be around to clear up - clear up happens the same evening or without me.
2. There is a argument that maybe there might be more people who come on the Friday - but I'm not sure.

In conclusion, I think the balance is for Saturday.


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Malena von Huth
Mon 1 Dec 2014 2:11PM

On saturday we have time to organise everything


Malena von Huth Mon 1 Dec 2014 1:50PM