Thu 9 Nov 2023 12:10PM

2023 Board Nominations and Director ID - Directions for the returning officer

EH Ewen Hill Public Seen by 8

Hi all, On the agenda for tomorrow is an item about Director ID for nominations. It is a requirement to have a Director Id however there are significant issues obtaining one if you are not an Australian citizen.

The returning office will require directions from the Board about how to confirm Director IDs for Australians and what efforts those from overseas constitute a valid attempt at a Director ID at the same time, attempting to have a representative board.

Can I get an indication to how you see the following minimum Director ID levels for

  • Australian Citizens

  • Non-Australian citizens


Alex Leith Thu 9 Nov 2023 9:09PM

My view is that for both Australian and non-Australian citizens, we require them to have started the application process for a Director ID.

I don't think they need to actually hold a DiD when they nominate/are nominated, but some form of proof of having applied is required.


Jonah Sullivan Thu 9 Nov 2023 11:17PM

I think evidence of application is good enough.