Thu 1 Mar 2018 1:32AM

What work should we prioritise in our action plan?

T Tom (facilitator) Public Seen by 319

Where do you think our efforts would be of greatest benefit?


Jay Daley Tue 20 Mar 2018 8:27PM

In general I believe you should prioritise data that supports our progress towards meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. There is a well established international effort to release data to support these http://blogs.worldbank.org/ic4d/sustainable-development-goals-and-open-data

As explained in a comment on a previous thread, the prioritisation decision should be deeper than just public demand, and in particular requires an assessment of the difficulty of releasing different datasets. If you were able to publish a register of candidates for publications along with an assessment of the quality and difficult of release then that would allow for a more informed discussion.


Paul Stone Tue 20 Mar 2018 10:17PM

Supporting the SDG's noted.
Re a register of candidates for informed discussion - the output of our data inventory work underway could be used in this way...


Jay Daley Wed 21 Mar 2018 12:21AM

Just to add that one of the reasons for supporting the SDGs, as I'm sure you are aware, is that this allows comparable measureability of the volume, nature and impact of open data releases.


Brent Wood Mon 26 Mar 2018 7:58AM

I personally find it ironic that the business side of MBIE is doing much to release their data, but the innovation side of MBIE seems to lag years behind. They spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer $$ annually on funding research, presumably creating high value data (or why are they funding the research?), yet seem to do little to either catalogue the resulting datasets themselves, or require the researchers they fund to make the data open or discoverable. How hard is it to require all datasets created entirely or in part under an MBIE funded contract to be listed on data.govt.nz as part of the research contract outputs? Very little cost to anyone, with huge potential benefit. You could argue MBIE is failing to meet its obligations under the Declaration by failing to do this.


Paul Stone Mon 26 Mar 2018 6:52PM

So prioritising on data related to highest levels of taxpayer investment? Good thought.
What benefits do you see from this data? Do you have any use cases in mind?