Global Holocratic Assembly

The Global Holocratic Assembly is a fledgling online community open to all authentic advocates of a sustainable and genuinely democratic future.

This user-friendly online forum is the space where GHA Participants can [as Loomio's creators explain] "start and hold conversations that move to clear outcomes", facilitating effective decision-making and fruitful collaboration.

The overall aim of the GHA is to build a movement of movements that is dedicated to realizing the common aspirations of early 21st century social movements worldwide.... a movement of movements that advances its goals by adopting and utilizing humanity's best-practice, most brilliant strategies and solutions.

As such, the Proposals thus far submitted for participants' consideration are BASED UPON the common goals of peace, justice, sustainability and real democracy movements worldwide - as well as humanity's best-practice strategies for realizing these goals.

For more information: Please note that the forum threads below are derived from (and relate to) the key issues raised on the Earth Holocracy Proposal's website under the heading, 'Vital Conversations': http://www.earth-holocracy.world/vital-conversations/. These threads also relate to the GHA Priority Objectives submitted for consideration, honing and endorsement by GHA Participants: http://www.earth-holocracy.world/holocratic-peoples-assemblies/global-holocratic-assembly/gha-priorities-goals-strategies-action/

Sub-Groups are being created to focus collaborative efforts in each of the Thread Areas. PLEASE UNCLUTTER the THREADS in the GHA GROUP PAGE - every time you return to this page - by clicking "SUBGROUPS", then CLICKING "Global Holocratic Assembly Without Subgroups". THANK YOU.

Please take a moment to Vote on the Proposals submitted. Hopefully, together, we can help to build a social movement founded upon shared understandings and best-practice solutions.

The Earth Holocracy Proposal is a presentation of an existing broad consensus regarding the imperative of replacing the current centralized system of neo-liberal globalization with a decentralized system of participatory democracy.

In this Forum Space for the Global Holocratic Assembly, it is hoped that participants might confirm and strengthen the above consensus viewpoint... and, furthermore, offer their insights and skills towards helping to hone and improve upon the popularly-based, best-practice strategies that are advocated within the Earth Holocracy Proposal aimed at achieving political, economic and cultural decentralization - the re-localization of global society and the translation of acknowledged imperative into effective action.