Technical Solutions

The Customer Success Technical Solutions Team.

  • Start a thread anytime to discuss any thought, you don't have to have a thread to make a decision

  • if you want to discuss a decision, prefix "Decision:" on the thread topic, then everyone will know the thread will lead to a decision or choice being made

  • Close threads once the discussion has concluded or the decision has been made. You should propose a close-by date in a discussion to provide some limit.

  • you can use polls and proposals in threads, but consider limiting the number of proposals in a thread, multiple open separate proposals can be confusing for tracking.

  • All participants should vote, even if to abstain

  • We strive for consensus, however we all should agree it does not need to be unanimous, we may need to "disagree and commit".

  • Discussions and responses are measured in days, set notifications to daily so your not interrupted. Don't expect immediate feedback. If it's urgent get on a call or meeting.

  • You can use Loomio for the discussion, and decisioning, however you can consider closing threads or voting on decisions in a group meeting, in that way loomio just facilitates the conversation and records the outcome.