Te Whare o Rukutia

This group has been assembled to select recipients of the upcoming Te Whare o Rukutia residency

Thank you all so much for being here and supporting this mahi. We know working online rather than in person can be tough after two + years of virtual meetings. We really appreciate you helping to keep each other safe while numbers are still high in our community. 💖

So how does this process work?

When applications close on Tuesday the 31st of May, the Producer in Residence (Kate S) will upload all submissions here on Loomio, for us to take a look at and discuss.

How do we do that? Each submission has it's own thread, below this introduction ⬇️.

Please read the conflicts of interest criteria first, then crack on with the submissions by clicking on the thread, having a read, and then pop any questions or thoughts in the comments section below. It can be as simple as 'I like this submission!' or a cheeky 👍, but we encourage you to reflect on the project and whether it meets the criteria for this residency.

The criteria for this opportunity are:

  • Creatives can be at any stage of their career and working in the realm of live performance.

  • Creatives must connect with Ōtepoti Dunedin.

This panel will then meet over Zoom in early June 2022 to select the recipients of the residency. The final decision will rest with those in attendance at the Zoom meeting, with any comments made here on Loomio taken into consideration.

What would we say no to?

  • Ongoing operational activity for an entity

  • Past financial malpractice

🌼That's it!🌼

Happy commenting!