theater artists political education

Welcome to Theater Artists Political Education circle! The purpose of this group is to provide working theater artists with a foundational understanding of social anarchism, or anarcho-communism, working towards understanding how a noncommercial theater may begin to organize creatively and militantly against the capitalist, white supremacist state that runs microcosmically the commercial/major nonprofit theater industry and macrocosmically the entire globe.

Each month I (@haleh) will send out readings on the monthly topic via email. Approximately a week (in anarchist time) after sending the readings, I'll post discussion questions in the Threads.

At the end of each month, I'll close the thread from the previous month, and offer a Jitsi-hang time poll for anyone who wants to connect in person over the readings and discussion.

Agreements for Engagement:

Respectful communication is paramount. No speech denigrating any individual or marginalized group or that harms another in any way will be tolerated. (For fellow too-much-tweeters, let's remember that the "irony" fostered by that site can be as hurtful and harmful as more explicit language.) I will remove any harassers from the group immediately.

Please use "they" pronouns if referring to another member of the circle. This is as much for everyone's cybersecurity and anonymity as for maintaining respect. If any person in the circle has an objection to "they" pronouns in this context, please email me.

Please take the security of this group, your own involvement in it and others', very seriously. There is absolutely longstanding, ongoing, ever-increasing surveillance of left-wing individuals in America, and engaging seriously politically begins with understanding privacy and security is a political practice as well. Set good passwords. Don't screenshot things.