Social.coop - Community working group

The social.coop Community Working Group is tasked with governing the co-op's approach to moderation, federation, and other aspects of how social.coop functions as a democratic, cooperative community.

Responsibility for the day-to-day operational implementation of the Working Group's scope is delegated to the Operations Team, whose membership is outlined below.

Instance Blocks and Mutes: If you believe an instance should be blocked or muted by Social.coop, please report the offending content on the instance and it will be reviewed by the on-call member of the Operations Team. If you believe it requires additional discussion, this thread exists for that purpose, and the current list of Silenced and Suspended instances is maintained here.


Group Roles:

  • The Operations Team was created on 11/24/2018, and currently has a mandate until 9/21/2022. Current operational team members are Emi Do, Mica Fisher, Matt Noyes, Sam Whited, and Eduardo Ivanec. More about the CWG Ops team can be found on the wiki.