SGCR Outreach

Hello all, welcome to our outreach Loomio! 🙌

Some preliminary thoughts:

  • Contributing our thoughts, ideas and emotions to what we're trying to achieve together offline & online is important labour. Thank you for taking the time and the effort ❤️

  • ^ Let's try to honour each other's time, energy and passion -- contributing actively on Loomio through comments, response to polls, ideas & discussions is one way to support each other

  • Loomio is just a tool(!) -- what's more important is what actually works. That said, how much we get out of Loomio also depends on how much we put into it, so let's all try to show up in our own way to co-create a supportive, effective space together

  • We invite you to hold this question/learning goal for the next few months: 🙂

    "How can we best show up individually and as a group to co-create an online space for
    1) trust & psychological safety
    2) effective asynchronous work (to reduce the load of meetings);
    3) mutually supportive discussion & idea generation
    4) collaborative decision making & alignment?

    How can working better online help us work better offline, and vice-versa?

(Banner WIP lol)