South East Water Corporate Strategy

This forum has now closed. To keep updated on the Corporate Strategy please visit the Corporate Strategy section on Sharepoint.

Do you have dreams in your head that you think will take us at South East Water in the right direction, or a better direction?

Our world is constantly changing at a fast pace. We are facing more challenges now than ever. Some of these challenges include climate and government changes, digital influences and stakeholder views.

South East Water is driven to support communities in the challenges they face.

Where do we need to get to in the next 10 years and what impact will it have?

We want to be inspired, we want to be engaged, we want to understand your passion, and we want your ideas to help take us on the right path.  

You can participate by:

  • reading background information to find out more on how we are developing the Corporate Strategy

  • adding your ideas to the discussions below - be brave, be bold

  • joining in the staff workshops - 2 sessions to be held on Thursday 9 September

The online forum closes at 5pm, Monday 13 September. All information from the forum and the workshops will be captured in an engagement report and shared back with you.