Reproducibility for Everyone - R4E Workshop proposals

Welcome the to "R4E Workshop proposals" subgroup!

Subgroup aim: Identify, request, or organize new proposals for workshops

Subgroup audience: New R4E volunteer instructors, current R4E volunteer instructors, and anyone wishing to organize an R4E workshop

How to create an "R4E Workshop proposals" post:

  1. Create a new thread

  2. Title the thread "Workshop proposal: Name of conference or group, Date of workshop". For example, "Workshop proposal: American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) 2021, Oct. TBD"

  3. Within the body of the thread:

    1. Create a Poll

    2. Choose the "Check" option

    3. Title the proposal "Do you want to join a proposal for a workshop for ASHG 2021?"

    4. Choose the options "Yes" or "No"

    5. Select the deadline for the proposal for the date the proposal submission is due.