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No other tool brings together all of your organization’s important discussions and decisions.
Loomio offers a workspace for discussion and decision-making, bringing together conversations, information, opinions, proposals and outcomes in one place. Loomio is the heartbeat and living record of your organization.

Focus your team to achieve work outcomes

Loomio Groups

Use a Loomio group as a safe place for your organization to keep all your threads together.


Threads are where your group can discuss a topic, exchange information and make decisions together. Threads keep everything about a topic in the same place. Over time you’ll create a useful archive of your group’s discussions and decisions.


Proposals enable groups to respond and provide feedback on a specific topic or action in order to arrive at an outcome. Simply state what’s being proposed, attach any supporting documents, set a duration for when responses are required by, and notify the people who need to respond.

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Loomio has a range of poll tools to help facilitate group decision-making. All polls allow you to invite people, set a deadline with a reminder, and include options for anonymous voting.

Time Poll
Poll Time Poll

Time polls make it easy to identify the best time to meet. Enter a selection of times and share the poll with the people involved. Participants tick the times they can attend and the result is a table showing who is available when, so you’re able to pick the best time for your group

Check Poll

Make an offer or ask people to take an action. Think of it as the online equivalent of asking a room of people “Please raise your hand if you…”.

Ranked Choice
Poll Ranked Choice

Offers a series of options for people to vote in their preferred order. You can choose the number of votes people can give and rank. Ranked-choice is particularly useful when you have a large number of options or an election to run.

Poll Standard
Poll Standard (1)

Enter a question and provide some options for people to choose from. People vote for one or more options. You can allow single or multiple-choice polls.

Score Poll
Poll Score Poll

A score poll lets your group express the degree of preference for different options on a scale. People get to express their desire, preference or interest in each option. The poll produces more granular results than a simple majority vote.

Dot Vote
Poll Dot Vote

Prioritise options together by allocating a ‘budget’ of points. This style of poll is useful for groups trying to allocate a limited resource to a number of options (e.g. agenda items, or budget line-items).

Facilitation and Administration tools

Loomio includes an extensive suite of tools to facilitate engagement and administration of discussions and threads, including ‘Seen by’, Invite a person to a single thread, Category Tags, Move and Print threads and decisions.

Product Facilitation tools

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