Pest-Free Takarunga Hauraki Peninsula

The Pest Free Takarunga Hauraki Peninsula kaupapa aims to tip the odds of regenerative success firmly in favour of native species on the peninsula, and in the surrounding wetland and marine environments, by removing introduced mammalian predators (i.e., rodents, possums, mustelids). From Esmonde Road to Maungauika, locals - individuals, groups, and organisations are proposing, funding, deploying, and managing community-run pest control lines in the neighbourhoods and reserves they love and call home 💚. Considered together, these distributed local efforts form a blanket of protection for us all, te taiao.

Important Links:

From the Trapping Desk (PFTHP kaupapa RTH Facebook Group Updates)

PFTHP Loomio Group (community discussion and decision-making)

PFTHP Open Collective (community funding platform, listing of projects, funding status, transparent and public disbursement records)

trap.nz (trapping records data for PFTHP kaupapa projects)

Recent Strike Results (this is an alpha version of overall PFTHP metrics)

Trap Line Supplies / Equipment Service Request Form (request form for trappers' supplies delivery)

Pest animal control guidelines for the Auckland region (Auckland Council pest animal control guidelines)

Restoring Takarunga Hauraki Charitable Trust (join RTH mailing list here)