01 (Welcome Center) 2020 Green Party National Convention - 03 Presidential Candidate Requests to Speak on Convention Day

The below candidates have submitted a request for a petition to speak at the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention on July 11, 2020 to the PNC Elections Administrator.

All petitions will be closed and submitted to Elections Administrator @Gloria Mattera no later than 12pm ET Thursday, July 9

A PNC Delegate may only sign for one presidential candidate petition to speak.

Please be aware: PNC Delegates who are already bound to vote for a particular candidate in the first round are not eligible to sign a petition.

By digitally "signing" a candidate petition you certify that

1. I am a duly-credentialed Delegate and properly registered for the 2020 Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention taking place on July 11, 2020

2. I declare my intention to vote for said candidate as the Green Party's nominee for president, in the first round of voting at the convention.

3. I have not signed another presidential candidate's petition to speak at this convention.

Valid petitions require 10 signatures from at least 7 different states

Click the candidate's name to navigate to their petition.

- Susan Buchser-Lochocki

- David Rolde

- Kent Mesplay

- Chad Wilson