01 (Welcome Center) 2020 Green Party National Convention


Dear Delegates, Alternates and other PNC Loomio users,

Thank you for your diligence, patience, adaptability and cooperation toward a successful Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention. This online format, born of necessity during a global pandemic, created unique challenges for the planners and participants and we are proud of everyone who rose to meet those challenges.

The Loomio.org voting and discussion system performed admirably to meet the diverse and specific requirements of our convention processes. We appreciate users who embraced Loomio to create a conversational space akin to what we share at an in-person convention, to the extent this medium allows.

Because Loomio has a per-user, monthly fee structure, it is not practical for the Green Party to keep this convention forum open indefinitely.

Therefore we are asking Loomio users to prepare for their access to Green Party 2020 PNC groups to end by Tuesday, July 21st at 10pm ET.

The PNC team has archived all votes and other PNC business conducted over Loomio, along with all Loomio forum posts leading up to and during the PNC.

However, the forum discussion archives will only be available for administrative purposes. If you wish to have records of content you or others have posted to the Loomio PNC groups you will need to create your own copies before Tuesday, July 21st at 10pm ET.

All discussion content will become inaccessible at that time as the group is taken offline.

Again, we are grateful to all convention stakeholders who gave their best effort to making this PNC a success — especially in overcoming the challenges of an online format. We appreciate your understanding and continued collaboration in these final phases of 2020 PNC business and preparation for future Annual National Meetings and PNCs.

Thank you,
Green Party PNC Team

And please remember to:

  1. Be respectful of one another

  2. Respect this space and the work we need to accomplish here

  3. Ask questions and help each other when you can