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Welcome to the Green Party of New York Platform deliberation forum! You are participating in two different opportunities for growing our party, by being here.

  1. Your ideas, questions and feedback toward renewing our platform for 2017 helps us clarify our party values and message
  2. This system, Loomio, provides us with an exciting experiment in online discussion and deliberation that could facilitate bigger and more participatory decision-making in the future!

"How Do I Participate?" Read Me First!

Quick Reference

How to Use Loomio

Welcome! Please Introduce Yourself

Where is the current GPNY Platform? The 2017 revision to the GPNY platform was approved at the May 20, 2017 State Committee meeting. It can be viewed and downloaded at the link below.

View online at gpny.org/our_platform


Who Can Contribute to the Platform Here?

If you are registered to vote as a Green with the NY State Board of Elections (or are a GPNY Supporting Member but not legally allowed to register to vote in NY) then we welcome your participation here. If you are a Green ally and have an idea to share, please email the Platform Committee at [email protected] or find a registered Green to sponsor your idea.

Sub-groups are listed on the bottom right of this home page. Within each subgroup is a link HOW TO JOIN THIS GROUP that you can click to immediately join. Once you are in a sub-group, you can click on the Green Party of NY 2017 Platform link at the top of the page to navigate back to this home page, or click on the name of the sub-group at the top of the page to take you back to the sub-group home page. At the top of each page, there is also a drop down menu bar (three black lines) that will open navigational links on the left margin. Be careful if you use this if you participated in Loomio during last year's platform revision to make sure you are commenting on the 2017 version and not the 2016 version.

How do I make my text formatting look pretty, like yours?

Loomio uses Markdown for formatting. It's pretty easy! Check it out here: