Glass Bead Games - Lammas Low Impact Initiatives, Clawdd du and TyG relationships

Please invite all who have access to tracks with associated rights and duties to sort out a situation that seems to be lacking clarity in residents' minds. This has raised questions that impact all who have ownership.

We can have two goals, one is to understand and uncover the legal positions, which may not be fully resolved, or there may be contractual anomalies.

Providing evidence is important, if we just talk about our "understanding" we could be here forever.

The second is to resolve and find common ground that serves the whole community, this would include what we would like to see happen, and how things could be improved.

This is complex stuff, please be patient and non-confrontational with each other, wait for responses, and be mindful that long and multi-point posts are difficult to follow and respond to. Likewise barrage of posts is going to be counter-productive.