Libraries and Social Development - Library Services Team

Hi Library Services Team, this work-space has been created for content specifically relevant to Library Services. This sub-group is available for anyone in the LSD department to view, but helps to organise the Loomio threads into relevant places.
Loomio is for free-flowing thoughts and contributions. At times people might want to post well thought-out and well crafted ideas, and at other times they can be simple one-liners... even just a thumbs up :thumbsup: is great! The purpose is to be 'conversational' to help us to chat, think and discuss together in between times that we actually see each other. So no need to overthink it, and please feel comfortable to contribute.
Also, it is healthy to have a diversity of thinking - so that means we don't always have to agree. Often this is how the best thoughts and ideas are shaped! Of course, this is always done in a way that values and respects every voice - as we have identified in our Guiding Principles. So lets chat! :slight_smile: