Permaculture Action Network - Bay Area BioRegional Crew of Permaculture Action Network

BioRegional Crews are the “local chapters” of the Permaculture Action Network. They are comprised of membership of a bioregion, or geographic location defined by geological boundaries, watersheds, climate types, and cultural characteristics. BioRegional Crews propose Permaculture Action Days to the Core Crew and carry them out locally. BioRegional Crews also propose and carry out other local projects and modules including Permaculture Action Hubs and Courses. BioRegional Crews are free to use a decision making structure that makes the most sense to them, while participating within the decision making structure of the organization as a whole.

Bay Area (Oakland/Berkeley/ San Francisco, California)
Hillary Walton,
Kammer Moss,
Alexa Levy,
Ryan Rising

Proposed Membership:
Jasmine Fuego