NoCo Permaculture Action Guild - Class 3: Perma-blitzes

What is a perma-blitz? Think of an interactive and productive party :)

In this subgroup, you can post ideas and proposals of perma-blitz events that will be run by members of PAG. These events can be held most nearly anywhere. The space must be able to accommodate 20-40 people (possibly more in the future). We would love to have one of these a month. All guild members and their invited guests are invited.

The three components they ought to include are: an educational aspect (so a teaching session, or teaching included in the activity), a food element (a potluck, or host provided meal are options), and an earth based action (working with plants, animals, earthen construction, etc). We have found these to be the most fun and effective elements to a good blitz. You may want to combine some of them, leave something out or include another element (such as music, gratitude space or healing activity). All factors will be considered by all C-Groups when making choices.

Please include a time-frame if there is one. For example, if the event needs to happen sometime in the spring, post that. Then, you can request that if it isn't chosen by say April 15th (or by whatever time-frame you specify ), it then can qualify to be a Class 2 project.

Your groups choice for the month must be delivered by your Inout person to the B-Group. Attendance at a blitz can generate up to 6 points for your C-group so its a good idea to have all members attend. If you are a smaller group (i.e. 3 people), you may still want to invite some new, outside people as they can count towards your 7 person maximum.

(2pts per 2 Members in Attendance ex. 4 people = 4 pts ex. 3 people = 2 pts)