Assembly of Urban Commons - London - Tate Modern

Dear all
We have been talking with Nicole and David from European Commons Assembly that we can host the next Urban Commons gathering in London in 2018. We are a grassroots organisation called public works www.publicworksgroup.net and have become associate partners at Tate modern and are a collective that are trying to implement Commons in neighbourhoods in the tough global city of London. Last year at the Tate we launched "The Civic University"as part of an institutional critique of universities (which we are all part of) as well as being a new initiative which is to support construction of urban and cultural commons through knowledge sharing and debates on civic values. The numbers of audiences was astonishing (2800 people in 8 days). Although we understand the problematics of an establishment such as the Tate, we thought its a great platform for us to meet and spread and share the ideas of Commons, with the international audience the Tate gets. We also have spaces in community projects we are involved in which we can host other events. These spaces are obviously more local and specific to communities. It would be great to hear if this is something everyone thinks is a good idea. If so we can start planning and involve whoever is interested in developing what the 1-2 days at the Tate could become to support the Commons movement. Also we have links with lots of local projects, schools, Local authorities, universities, UN Habitat and the London Mayors office (GLA) etc etc so if we all think these connections are helpful then we can also think about inviting them. Look forward to hearing from you all.