Rye School District

Welcome! The objective of this group is to provide community members a chance to provide input on important decisions related to our schools. The current threads are focused on gathering input regarding transitioning fifth grade to the middle school. Please remember that the online comments/feedback is one of many inputs being considered by the 5th grade transition committee in the overall decision-making process.

Please note: For the teaching configuration option questions, please refer to the attached document for estimated class sizes for each possible model.

Some things to remember:
•Members of the group can “react” to other comments within a thread with emoji’s such as a thumbs up, thumbs down etc.
•Please keep comments constructive. They will be actively monitored. We will address any comments/feedback that are deemed inappropriate.
•Threads will be open through October 24th. This will allow the committee time to review the comments and integrate them into their next committee meeting on October 25th, ahead of the community-wide read out meeting on November 8th.