Co-op Investment Network (CoIN)

A platform for collaboration between co-op focused investment clubs.

Our monthly conference call is hosted by a rotating club each month and the date is determined by a schedule poll. Notes from previous calls can be read via this link.

If you're new to the group, post a bit about yourself to the Introductions thread.

Active Clubs: $381,500 in Assets (as of 11/4/19)

  • Minneapolis
    (updated 11/4/2019)

    • Members: 17
    • Assets: $46k
    • Contact: @joeriemann
  • St. Paul (Local Dough) (Updated 11/4/2019)

  • Minneapolis ("high rollers" single-investment spin-off of original MN club) (updated 3/2/2018)

  • Vermont (updated 11/4/2019)

    • Members: 26
    • Assets: $40k
    • Contact: @mattcropp
  • Boston (updated 10/26/2019)

  • Denver (as of 11/4/2019)

    • Members: 66
    • Assets: $60k
    • Contact: @paulbindel

Forming Clubs: