Thames Hydortherapy

Arthritis NZ & Thames Hospital have established a community initiative at Thames Hospital 's Hydrotherapy Pool.

The Thames Hydrotherapy Sessions are a 'Collaborative Effort' and is a successful program because of the Thames Community.

Currently, Arthritis NZ administrates bookings and organise the volunteers for the weekly sessions. Clients call Arthritis NZ's toll-free phone number - 0800 663463

Our clients have a form of arthritis or they live with a disability. Our patients are typically referred by Arthritis NZ or Thames Hospital. This program has encouraged dramatic improvements in their physical wellbeing. For each session we ask clients to bring a Gold Coin Donation.

The Thames community have rallied by Volunteering as 'Poolside Assistants', this role is vital and ensures that this program continues.
During the sessions the trained 'Volunteer Poolside Assistants' (VPA's) act as Lifeguards - so if there is an emergency - they are able to deal with it accordingly.