Board Discussion re Sam Afra's Recommendation on Management and Governance of ACME

On th 31st JUly 2018, 7PM. Entrepreneur of the Year, Sam Afra gave a probono workshop/discussion on proper management and governance of ACME using the SWOT analysis, where SWOT stands STRENGTH WEAKNESS OPPORTUNITY AND THREAT.
From this analysis, the following were concluded:
· Our financial system must be corrected and improved. Invoices should be sent in a professional manner via email or post not by social media like messenger, facebook and the like. Simple financial statement must always be sent with NOTICE OF AGM together with previous minutes of meeting to all financial members.
· There must be no Chairman and President at the same time as this is confusing. The previous President should be given the title of Immediate Past President and should only be involved in meetings where his presence is required.
· The Secretary should sign and be in charge of all correspondences in coordination with the President, membership database and minutes of meetings.
· Management Committee should be named Board of Directors and not committee. Office bearers are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer, and Secretary. We must assign working group to spread the load of work.
· We must think of ways how to retain membership and attract new membership. We must also consider improving our website to attract people to it. The first page is the most important part of it to make it appealing to look at.