Denbighshire ChangeMakers

You can call us plastic free, eco, friends of the earth or whatever...we want the same: make a difference in the way we live :)
This platform has several subgroups for each initiative where voting members can make decisions eg. what issue should be in the agenda of the next meeting or how to spend available grants and donations. If you want to know more about these initiatives please search for these names on Facebook and like our page / join the groups:
- Ruthin Friends of the Earth (page&group)
- Plastic free Ruthin (group)
- Ruthin Library of things (group)
- Eco Ruthin and beyond (group)
- Free in Ruthin, Cyffylliog, Bontuchel, Clocaenog & surrounding areas

Before joining any of the closed subgroups on this platform please ask a member to invite* you on our next meeting.
* *Some subgroups can be closed for the public for instance when the subgroup is only for the trustees or voting members of an organisation. It doesn't mean you can't be a member just take your time before you register. :slight_smile: