Dill Pickle Food Co-op - Finance Committee

Finance committee: Assists in business planning and owner and commercial loan management.

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Convener: Ed Corcoran (Treasurer)
Seats: Sean Shatto, Sharon Hoyer, David Glover, Ryan Palma
Meetings: monthly to quarterly as needed

Finance Committee Charter

Mission statement:
The Committee will serve as a source of financial management expertise to the DP Board and to the co-op.

In general, to provide expertise in financial management to the co-op, as necessary.

The Committee will assist the Board with monitoring of policy governance concerning financial condition and planning.

The Committee will help evaluate the GM's reports and share questions and comments with the Board as needed to enhance the quality of discussion and understanding.

The Committee will review and make recommendations to the Board as to financial issues that come before it from time to time. i.e. loan requests, leases, long range financial forecasts etc.

A sub-committee focused on Owner Loans will work on cultivating financial support from Dill Pickle ownership towards capital projects.

This sub-committee will also manage, with support from the GM, owner loan payouts and roll-overs.

Membership: The Committee will be made up of DP owners who have strong interest and adequate experience with financial analysis and planning, along with the Treasurer and other Board directors.

The Chair of the Committee may be elected from the attendees.

The Chair is responsible for organizing meetings, setting the agenda, and serving as communication liaison to the Board.

The committee will meet quarterly at a time and place of convenience to the membership at least three days prior to a meeting of the Board.