CHASE Feminist Academic Network

“Feminist politics aims to end domination, to free us to be who we are – to live lives where we love justice, where we can live in peace. Feminism is for everybody”
- bell hooks, Feminism is for Everybody

“Queer and feminist worlds are built through the effort to support those who are not supported because of who they are, what they want, what they do.”
- Sara Ahmed, Living a Feminist Life

“It's not about supplication, it's about power. It's not about asking, it's about demanding.
It's not about convincing those who are currently in power,
it's about changing the very face of power itself.”
- Kimberle Williams Crenshaw

We are setting up a Feminist Academic Network at CHASE, and would like to invite you to join us, and to let us know what the purpose and focus of this network should be.

This group emerged from discussions at the Encounters Event in Essex (2017). In our initial discussions we were wanting to provide spaces for resistance to what continues to be a patriarchal higher education sector, with ongoing and intersectional discrimination happening at all levels. We want to link with inspirational people inside and outside of CHASE that are challenging this environment and ensure we have space for discussion, and networks that provide both professional and personal support.