Dublin Food Co-op - Re-Imagining our Co-op 2018

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Why are we here?

The Dublin Food Co-op is at a defining point in its history.

As a co-operative, we face a number of critical threats and opportunities in 2018 which require us to respond and adapt, to ensure that we can continue our important mission and provide services to members.

What are we doing?

The entire context in of our Co-op has changed in a number of fundamental ways since our foundation but very little about what we do has been examined during that time.

It is incumbent on us as members to examine;
- what was our Co-op founded to do?,
- ** how we go about doing achieving these aims?,
- **how are our operating practices helping us achieve or detract from our aims?

- how does our structure serve or detract from our mission and our members?
- "what do others do that we should be doing?"
- "what makes us unique in the retail market?"

At the end of this collective examination - perhaps we can re-imagine how we could function and map out how we can build a resilient and sustainable Co-op.

How are we doing this?

Our Co-op will be running a number of workshop events including board, members and workers collaboratively examining the way we operate and generating potential models for the future.

  • "Re-imagining our Co-op Part 1." - Monday April 9th
  • "Re-imagining our Co-op Part 2." - Monday April 16th

This will likely culminate in a number of actions across the organisation - either through the board, management or members at General Meeting.

Why are we doing this?

Our core mission has never been more critical - the provision of wholesome, affordable food; our ethos has never been more relevant - supporting an ethical, sustainable and healthy lifestyle, and the case for community ownership has never been stronger!

So please explore the threads in this sub-group - engage, question and contribute - and with your feet firmly on the ground, imagine how our Co-op could operate in a more effective, more collaborative, more inclusive, more sustainable and more co-operative way.

You can introduce yourself in the 'Introduce Ourselves' thread, If you need any assistance - please ask questions in the 'Help Thread'