Environment Envoy Commission 2019 - Panel

Welcome to 2019's panel for the Environment Envoy commission!

Criteria for the commission can be found here:

26th November 2018: Applications Open
4 February 2019: Applications Close
15 February 2019: Funding Decision Announced
March-June 2019: Project Delivery
30 June 2019: Project Complete

As with last year, once applications close please download the spreadsheet linked below to weigh up each applicant. Criteria are found on the second tab.

Kate is the administrator of this group and will begin uploading applications January 31st. Please read through these and engage in discussion at your convenience.
As the application deadline was extended, we expect the bulk of applications to come through over the weekend before the deadline. This means we will have the bulk to read between the 4th and the 9th of February, so please engage with your thoughts as you have them and start the discussion. Thanks in advance for contributing, we know this is a tight timeframe to turn a decision around in!

15th February we are due to announce the funding decision publically.