New Economy Network of Australia - NENA Research Working Group

Hi everyone! I've had to create a NEW Research Working Group (long story) - so welcome!
This is our online work space for discussions and decision making. I'll also ensure that information our next meeting dates and links to key documents are shared here.

NEXT MEETING DATE FOR NENA RESEARCH GROUP - a doodle poll is going to be sent out, to find a good date in late April

To inform members about, and to facilitate, whether in a partnership or advisory capacity, research relevant to the New Economy Network, and that will support the objectives of the Network


  1. Mapping projects – both of initiatives, and also of relevant academic networks. We will connect with the NENA Mapping group around this.

  2. Blog section of website, with 400-500 word regular contributions from members, maybe cycling through working group leaders, each focusing on interesting book/contextualised event relevant to new economy. Target: one per month in 2017; 2/month in 2018.

  3. Dialogue between sector-specific working groups and research group regarding research needs (leading to possible sourcing of support for the former by the latter)

  4. Dialogue between communications working and research group to help produce
    a) Factsheets about the new economy and different elements of the network
    b) Summary information about other ‘new economy’ movements around the world?
    c) Podcasts/webinars in the lead-up to the September conference

  5. Liaison with/reporting on relevant conferences events in Australia
    o Eg Platform Cooperativism event late May, possibly at UNSW (co-founder and US academic Trebor Scholz visiting Sydney then)
    o Eg likely event at UNSW around 24/25th July due to UK new economy scholar academic visitor Nina Boeger visiting then)