A MOOC for Lifelong Learning in a Digital Age (Working title)

This group will be used to brainstorm how TOEP can be re-envisioned as a MOOC.

Goal: Create an open-access resource with ongoing utility for lifelong learning needs, interests, and career advancement. The MOOC environment will provide an opportunity for supportive dialogue and sharing among participants. The target audience is all learners from across the globe who are invested in their personal and professional growth. Participants will include students and instructors from advanced levels in higher education and also current and career-seeking professionals.

The learning activities will provide accessible, curated information and application exercises pertaining to current and emerging technologies relevant to learners and professionals alike, such as audio, video, social networking, and more.

Participants will build a personal toolbox to assist them to effectively use web-based technology tools for learning and career advancement in today’s digital age.

Learning Outcomes:
- Increase ability to successfully engage with and implement current and emerging technologies.
- Develop lifelong learning skills necessary to keep pace with continually evolving technologies.
- Create enriched connections with colleagues.

New Features
- For ALL learners
- Including: upper-level undergrads and beyond, instructors, and current and pre-professionals. All students can participate but language will target upper-levels of college/university students.
- MOOC (potentially Coursera-based)
- Choose learning objectives 1st then drill down to tools
- Wiki-like crowdsourced content
- Targeted discussion forums
- Culminating ePortfolios
- Freely available to ALL!!!

MOOC structure (5 modules)
- Lifelong Learning
-- Communication & Collaboration
-- Creativity
-- Critical thinking
- Summarize your learning

Roberta (Robin) Sullivan (University at Buffalo), Cherie van Putten (Binghamton University), Chris Price (Center for Professional Development), the State University of New York (SUNY)