Solid Network Ireland

We are a network for those of us working to build an economy based on co-operation and solidarity. Our purpose is to provide a space for members of the network to connect with one another and enable them to:-

  • discover new opportunities for co-operation and collaboration;

  • seek and provide guidance, advice, mutual support and solidarity through sharing skills, experience and knowledge;

  • promote the co-operative model, and other models consistent with our values;

  • co-operate with each other to undertake activities that serve our common needs through the network.

We hope to enable greater collective action by our members, complementing rather than duplicating the work of existing networks, federations and organisations.

Are you a member? Please email members@solidnetwork.ie to get access to the our Loomio group, or click 'Join Group' and one of our admins will admit you as soon as possible.

Not a member? You can apply now at solidnetwork.ie.


SolidNetwork Sub-Groups

Community Action

Resource Library


Sub-groups hosted by SolidNetwork.

(When setting up a sub-group be sure to enable all members of parent network to read threads, if you are not sure how to do this ask Kevin (https://www.loomio.com/u/flgnk) - https://help.loomio.com/en/user_manual/groups/subgroups/index.html#permissions)

Community of Practice - Leaders and Founders (Loan Stock & Community Shares)

Community of Practice - Opening Training Network

Social Networks

Twitter: We do not have an official account, but we do have a public twitter list if you are interested in what other members are sharing online. We also have a private twitter group for members to share announcements or posts. If you want to join send your account details to Kevin.

LinkedIn: We have a page for event announcements and an optional member's only group to help share and promote member activities.