Student Feminist Network

This is to continue discussing and working on plans we decided on in the women and non-binary caucus in Sheffield. Let's discuss how we can organise together, what sort of things we want to do, what we're already involved with.

Please invite people you know to join!

Here are the minutes from the caucus:
- Organise demos/blocks on demos at detention centres - we talked about Yarl's Wood in Bedford, Campsfield in Oxford, Dungavel near Glasgow.
- Campaigning for reproductive rights in Northern Ireland
- Campaigning for buffer zones outside abortion clinics and for proper reproductive freedom in the parts of the UK where abortion is legal
- Drive to unionise sex workers - Women's Strike and IWW.
- Supporting women at local migrants' centres
- Getting people over to an event to speak about fight for abortion rights in Ireland, Poland and Argentina.
- Work with NUS campaigns to fight against Nordic Model policy in Northern Ireland
- Gender recognition in NI (was this about working with the NUS-USI LGBT campaign in fighting for better gender recognition laws and self identification?)
- Organise a student feminist conference in autumn term
- Organise a speaker tour on reproductive rights and sex workers' rights.