A Social Enterprise Strategy for Glasgow

Glasgow currently has no social enterprise strategic document. This is a gap in the policy framework of the city for, while there is tremendous work being undertaken by GSEN, local and national leaders in social enterprise development, the Scottish Government and others in Glasgow, there is no significant policy leadership – in partnership with the sector – from the Council.

With a new City Government, there is both a political and sectoral demand for a social enterprise strategy for Glasgow. There will be new, emerging, opportunities for social enterprises in Glasgow over the coming years.

The Scottish Government published Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy in December 2016. The strategy is comprehensive and is backed by the first of three action plans, covering 2017-2020.

The City of Edinburgh Council is nearing the end of the time frame of their third social enterprise strategy. The city council, working with the Social Enterprise Strategy Steering Group, the Edinburgh Compact Partnership, the Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network and other partners, developed a five year strategy from 2013-2018. There is much to learn from this document, and from the manner in which it was developed and has been delivered over the lifetime of the strategy. Other authorities, such as Dundee and North Ayrshire, also have strategies for their social enterprise sectors.

This Loomio Group is the focal point for discussion amongst key stakeholders in Glasgow's social enterprise sector as we develop A Social Enterprise Strategy for Glasgow.