FGSR Council: Ideas for the Institutional Strategic Plan

FGSR Council, established under Section 28 of the Post-Secondary Learning Act, is the central policy-making body for graduate education. Our meetings are held monthly, and that is the venue for decision-making.

The purpose of this site is to supplement FGSR Council meetings. Specifically, it is designed to supplement the 25 Nov 2015 FGSR Council meeting: to gather feedback, test assumptions, and generate new ideas for how graduate education should be represented in the Institutional Strategic Plan. Although you will see a couple of opportunities to "vote" on proposals here, these are straw votes only, designed to see how the larger group feels about points of convergence from small discussions.

At FGSR Council on 25 November, we split into small groups to discuss 5 topics:
National Recruitment
Teaching and Learning
Supervision and Mentoring

This site captures, in broad strokes, some of the key elements from that in-person discussion and presents it back to you (if you were able to attend the Nov Council meeting) or shares it with you for the first time (if you were unable to attend) for consideration, confirmation, and development of ideas. Please share your thoughts on as many of these as you would like. There are 4 proposals across 5 areas. As we say above, the proposals should be considered a straw vote only: as you'll see, the voting mechanism gives you a chance to voice everything from support to strong opposition. (Again, voting on this site does not replace voting at FGSR Council.) Please visit this site as often as you'd like until Friday 15 Jan 2016. At that point we will organize the feedback for the FGSR Council meeting on 20 Jan 2016.

Thank you for your input here, and thank you, so much, for all the care you put into graduate students and graduate programs at the UofA.