2018 Census: Revised methodology engagement

Thank you for joining the online forum to discuss the ** 2018 Census: Revised methodology and potential impacts**.

This engagement is part of a number of external engagements held throughout the 2018 census cycle, where our team have engaged with data users on: content consultation, questionnaire design, field and operational approaches, and most recently, our 2018 Census: Products & Services engagements.

We will be holding this revised methodology engagement on an ongoing basis across six months, and is one of the various methods we will use to engage with our key customers. Other methods will include the publishing of methodology papers, technical seminars, and individual meetings where appropriate.

The purpose of this online engagement is to: *
• discuss the challenges census is facing
• share our proposed methodology plans
• assess the impacts of the methodology changes on your data needs
• consult on revised time-frames for release of census data (to come.....)*

Our first thread includes a discussion paper explaining our revised methodology. We will create additional threads throughout the engagement to encourage further discussion, provide progress updates, and to further understand specific customer impacts.

The primary focus will be addressing your questions and concerns shared within this forum, however if you have other questions for our team you can reach us at [email protected]

Lastly, some housekeeping :)
We ask all participants to use this forum in a respectful manner. A few ground rules we encourage users to follow:
• Use respectful language.
• Respect other people, their ideas and opinions.
• Allow equal voice.
• Ask questions to respectfully challenge one another, focus on ideas and solutions
• Our goal is not necessarily to agree - it is to gain a deeper understanding.
• Success depends on participation – share ideas, ask questions, draw others out
• Be positive, and non-judgmental*

Thank you for your participation!