Bike Ride Challenge #SmashingStigma

Designs in Mind launched the #SmashingStigma campaign in early 2018. We want to have a powerful conversation about what it is really like to live with mental health challenges. We are also raising money to transform what mental health services look and feel like. You can read more about the campaign here- https://smashingstigma.hubbub.net/

One of our brilliant ambassadors, Bob, has had an idea...

Can we organise a bike ride from Lands End to John O Groats?
Can we raise more money for the #SmashingStigma campaign, whilst whilst having a powerful conversation nationally, making connections along the way and sharing inspiring stories

Basic Plan....
A 10 day adventure
10 teams- to cover approx 100 miles a day (if we divide the country in to 10)
Each team has at least 2 cyclists and 2 people in a support car.
On the journey people discuss thoughts about mental health, their mental health, experiences, stigma. At the end of the day a blog is written that weaves that conversation in to tales from the journey.
On some of the 'legs' we could meet other people/ organisations that are #SmashingStigma in some form and share their story. (Perhaps giving a % of the donations raised to their causes...)

We are using Loomio as a tool to plan this national event and if you can get involved or you know someone who would like to join in please just get stuck in. Start your own discussions, chip in your ideas and assign yourself a role.

There are two current decision discussions open- What time of year can we do this? and Can you take on a role? please join in.