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Democracy of Moses
I hope we can make New Zealand the fairest country in the world.

Democracy of Moses is an Advanced Democracy system that will evolve our society and make it function more efficiently. This is in my view, the way forward 馃檪. I think the ultimate goal is to create a more democratic system that is as fair as possible to all members of our society. It will resolve issues in a quicker, and more decisive way. Please tell your friends about this new system of government for a better New Zealand.

Why is this important?

All issues are debated online with really good points by people prioritized by likes. Similar arguments can be under the same thread so different arguments can be seen easily. People can then see the different arguments (with the help of the best arguments) can decide on which option is the best for themselves with everyone having a vote either for or against a view or one of several choices. By having a debate in writing on the website and subsequently using online voting, people can think in their own time about what they wish to say and make a wise vote to help the country and improve it. This is better than speaking on the spot to a small audience with no gauge of what the right decision for the country is. There are no leaders in this new system, only Ministers for the country who speak for the people's views. All decisions are made by the entire country.

Each citizen has one vote per issue. Each issue has its votes recounted yearly. This is true democracy where the mass decides how the country should progress. A good hearted, multicultural first world country will run better under this system. Second and third world developing nations may respond to this in a positive manner or prefer another approach. The idea of a better country is to make things easier and better for everyone. In New Zealand the retirement age may be going up from 65 to 67 under future governments in line with the rest of the world. This is to help save money but it won鈥檛 make the country better necessarily. The retirement age should be progressively getting lower not higher. In order to do this the country needs to achieve increased economic wealth and this can be achieved under this new political system I am proposing where there are no politicians and therefore less corruption. We the people need to think up better ways of achieving political maturity and how to spend our money on making life easier and better for future generations.

How will it work?

Everyone with a smartphone could vote and debate on the Democratic Web Page and not have to pay for data. People without a smart phone or who can鈥檛 access the internet will be able to ring an 0800 hotline to vote for free. People who can't call or use the internet could go to a voting station or give their proxy vote to a trusted family member or elected official.

Ministers voted in by the people are representatives of the people. Their job is to come up with issues that reflect peoples debates online. They formalise the issues that need voting on and decide whether such issues fall into the emergency category of 1 and 2 or general categories 3-6. Each issue has a 7 day period of time to determine which category it falls into. After the 7 days is up, a category is chosen by the minister (unless it's an emergency). Category 1) 0-48hours, Category 2) 48hours to 1 week, Category 3) 2 weeks Category 4) 1 month Category 5) 3 months Category 6) 6 months. Each issue has its vote count rechecked every year to see if the people have changed their mind and policy changed if need be.

You must vote within the category time period for the first year. After the categories time period is up, the issue comes up for renewal each year for people who haven't voted previously or want to change their vote. Once you vote, your vote is for your whole life unless you decide to change it. This is so you don't have to continuously vote on the same issue and time is created for new issues to be discussed. You can change your vote at any time. The majority of votes rule. Everyone has their own identity number created by the government. Once you die you lose your identification number and all your votes made. This is so voting is only for the current population.

If people do not wish to vote they do not have to. There are people who don't vote in the current elections so their access to democracy is in their own hands. People should have the right to vote or not. If they do not wish to have a say in the country's future then that's up to them.

Government fiscal budget: A points system is set up where you vote for all the different ministers and what they represent e.g. education or health etc... Each person who wishes to be a Minister promotes themselves through advertising and are placed on the democracy webpage to vote for them. So if there were say 30 winning ministers, your number 1 vote would get 30 points. 2nd choice would get 29 points. 3rd 28 points etc... The ministers would then get an overall point score. The overall points of each minister are divided by the total number of people who voted times 30 points times 100 over 1 to get a percentage. This percentage is how much share in the budget each particular minister gets for what they represent.

Please feel free to leave constructive criticism :)

Please join the Facebook group by searching Democracy of Moses. If there are any problems, questions or ideas you can think of please post or leave a message and I will come up with an answer.

Jon-Paul Moses email: [email protected]