Transition Bethnal Green

Core Group Discussion, Meeting Dates, Notes and Projects.

Organising Loomio:
Discussions are arranged in the following threads:
1. Scheduling Meetings & Availability & How to Contact
2. Priorities
3. Minutes
4. Events & Future Partners
5. Miscellaneous

New members

Thank you for joining us! If you are here it means you have seen our Principles and How We Work Together documents, and met a core group member to talk about how we work and what Transition is all about.

Before your first meeting, we ask that you do some personal reflection on the future of Bethnal Green and what has brought you to this group. A good section of the meeting will be dedicated to hearing from you and incorporating your vision into the group vision.

In order to prepare, we ask that you set aside some time to do the following (1 hour should be enough):
1. Brainstorm round the following topics. We found it useful to set a timer for 10 minutes for each in turn, using a separate sheet of paper for each one:
~ What we've enjoyed or has gone well in our personal/ individual environmental and community activities in the last 6 months. (NB “community” could include what activities you have enjoyed with friends – e.g. going to see films? Eating together? - as this will give insight into what kind of activities you will enjoy arranging with this group.)
~ What problems do we see in Bethnal Green that we'd like to improve? What needs to change? We broke this down into the areas suggested in the Transition Town process: Environmental, Social, Economic, Energy.
~ What brought me to this group? What am I passionate about?
~ Imagine a post-transition future. What do you see in Bethnal Green or neighbouring areas?
2. Listen to the vision process recording and make notes on anything that comes to you. https://loomio-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/files/000/118/014/original/Transition_Vision_Process.mp3
3. After doing this, start to consider what the priorities might be for Bethnal Green. This could be up to 5. Consider the question, "What needs to change in Bethnal Green to help bring this vision about?" You don't need to complete this one or write anything down before the meeting, just allow the question to rest with you.

We recommend that you do not look at the Priorities thread until after your first meeting, so that you are not subconsciously influenced by what you read in others' reflections.

Platforms we use:

Loomio for discussion between meetings:
Learn and comment about Loomio and associated platforms here: https://www.loomio.org/d/lYT2NL5i/loomio

Googledocs for documents to be shared and edited together
Create your Googledoc and share a link to it from the appropriate thread in Loomio.

Trello for collaboration on projects:
https://trello.com - adding resources for each part of the project, setting to do tasks and due dates allowing for the kind of planning and doing needed to deliver projects - especially when it involves other parties we choose to connect with.

Wordpress For Public Website: http://transitionbethnalgreen.org - see and suggest edits to our websites main pages in the google doc here: https://goo.gl/riRH3u

Reference documents

The Essential Guide to Doing Transition

Our Vision
See and add to here: https://www.loomio.org/d/AyOWH27o/our-vision

How We Work Together
See and suggest edits here: https://goo.gl/ShXQ8E

Meetings are set via Doodle poll in 3-month blocks, preferably a month ahead. Maximum number in core group – 6. Minimum number for a meeting – 3.

Members who are too busy to attend meetings for one 3-month block may still contribute to discussions on Loomio or send materials to meetings. If they do not contribute at all during those three months either online or in person, and cannot attend meetings for the following 3-month block, they will be temporarily removed from Loomio so they are not disrupted by updates. They may ask to rejoin when circumstances allow them more time to take part.