CYPN - NEET Reduction Project

A closed group to discuss ideas and thoughts around the BathNES NEET reduction project Jamie mentioned in the June CYP Network meeting.

Questions to think about:
- What is the public service challenge? ​Where is provision duplicated or missing? 
- Who are we talking about? T​hose likely to become NEET and reduce this group at 16/17?  Those who may miss grade C/4s in their GCSEs? 
- Do we want a matrix of referral that includes attainment, attendance and economic data? 
- What kinds of services​ do we think would most benefit these cohorts in Bath and what is our rational ​or data source for this? 
- What is the best time for intervention​ and support IAG for the identified cohort? 
- How will we ​fund early stage development​ of this service? 
- What will our ​performance indicators​ have to be and what would we like them to be? 
- How will we ​engage young people ​in service design? 
- What is our​ long-term road map​?