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The need for guidance notes on various topics on open source software arose in the original public consultation for the policy (April 2016). It was agreed by participants as out of scope for the open source licensing focus at the time (the policy is more principle based).

There were some great ideas put forward that have been worked into useful guidance that is more practice based for agencies to make use of when releasing and working with open source software in the government context.

To that effect, 3 guidance notes have been created.

NZGOAL-SE Guidance Note 1: Considering open source release for new software code during a government ICT procurement

Procurement, the interplay between NZGOAL-SE and the Guidelines for Treatment of Intellectual Property Rights in ICT Contracts policies and exploring reasons when you would or wouldn’t make the choice to release work on open source terms as an agency. (Audience: IT Managers and procurement).

Status: Published

NZGOAL Software Extension - Guidance Note 2: Technical guidance for developers working with government open source projects

Technical best practices around open source software for government - focused on open source software development practices, tools, standards, security and ways to safely release source code. (Audience: technical, developers, team leads).

Status: Published

NZGOAL Software Extension - Guidance Note 3: Managing communities in government open source software projects projects

Open source community management for government - focused on the people and process aspects of open source, how to communicate well, and how to grow and measure your community (Audience: IT managers, public engagement, lead developers).

Status: First draft, pending revisions

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