NOTE: Please feel free to change anything which you feel is inaccurate or you don't agree with. This was a quick sketch on my part - Kieran

Group Description

This group emerged out of the 'MMT 2017 Winter Retreat' based in London on the 29th January 2018: https://www.loomio.org/d/WHgN2bQt/-event-winter-2017-day-retreat-sunday-28th

"What is this space for?"

This Loomio group is the organising space for the Cryptonites / Kryptonites (which do we prefer, or any other suggestions?) cell based in and around the UK and the Netherlands, operating within the wider and emergent MMT ecosystem. This will act as a space whereby members of this cell can communicate and organise asynchronously, discuss it's aims and objectives, construct goals which can assist in its own and the MMT network's growth and development.

"Who is this space for?"

This is a closed group for MMT activists. Invitations for any new group members should be approved by current group members.

Common Set of Values / Ethics

Perhaps this is something we can discuss in a thread and place here later once achieved.

Code of Conduct

Immediate Concerns

  • Acknowledgement of a need for a way forward
  • Need for this group to push forward with its own goals and visions for it's own sense of identity and for the MMT ecosystem
  • Need for a regular face-to-face forum
  • Remove dependencies on individuals and hierarchy to greater enable autonomous action
  • Create self-funding mechanism and source endowment for MMT & Cryptonites' management costs

Broader Concerns

  • How to build ethical software that is secure for use by vulnerable populations and radical projects
  • Enabling marginal groups and individuals to engage ethically with cryptocurrencies
  • Enable radical projects to construct self-funding mechanisms with cryptocurrency as a financial engine.