Penrith & the Border Labour

"Penrith & the Border Virtual Constituency."

This forum has the facility to have discussions, create doodle polls, vote on things and more.

This group is for P&B Labour Party members ONLY.

Please give it a try. If you feel able please start by introducing yourself. And then join one of the posts up here or start your own. Please remember to always be polite and if you disagree with someone please refrain from commenting about the person themselves. Being respectful of everyone will enable us all to feel safe and participate fully on this Board. And the more we collaborate together the more we can get seats on our councils and a​ Labour MP in this Constituency. Welcome, everyone!



PS: We will be checking membership of this forum against the LP database, so please use your real name and do not share the invite link or invite anyone to this forum who is not in the LP and in this Constituency. A member of Labour from outside the Constituency will need the approval of the CLP Executive.