CUNY Law Students General Assembly

The purpose of this Assembly is to:
I. Establish community and solidarity through intersectional struggle, activism and wellness.
II. Provide a forum for communication between all classes.
III. Preserve institutional knowledge between all classes.
IV. Organize and mobilize the student body at large.
V. Democratize CUNY Law to establish direct student participation in the governance of CUNY Law.
VI. Hold CUNY law accountable and transparent to students.
VII. Hold students accountable to one another.
VIII. Build and Establish consensus through vote to take Direct Action.
IX. Collaborate on student projects.
X. Build and Execute Student Power to combat racism, sexism, genderism and all other systems of oppression present at CUNY Law.

Code of Conduct:
This is a safe space for everyone so it is important we respect one another by:
I. Assuming good faith in others.
II. Meeting people where they are.
III. Using 'I" statements.
IV. Treating each other with respect and compassion.
V. Listening respectfully and intently