2018 - Scholarship Support

This group serves as an evaluation tool for the applications received under the "Scholarships" category of IPKO Foundation Sponsorship Program.

Each request for sponsorship will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
* Applications shall be compared against each other to ensure gender balance, age and geographic diversity.
* Applicants who are youngsters aged 12-20 and who come from smaller municipalities, rural areas, or are part of marginalized communities are prioritized

In addition to the aforementioned criteria, the scholarship category includes:
* We are interested to award scholarships based in the quality of each specific project described in which they showed leadership and creativity.
* The applicant must demonstrate his/her passion, drive, and commitment by describing his/her work on initiatives related to technology or utilizing technology in the realization of their ideas. This may include a current or previous job or volunteer experience, a project, attendance and participation in conferences and alike.
* The applicant must demonstrate his/her commitment to improving furthering his/her education with a specific focus on technology related courses. This commitment is demonstrated based on grades, field of study, previous experiences in class projects, and applicant’s’ description of their current and previous activities.

IMPORTANT: Please be reminded that all the criterias are complementary and fulfilling only one of them does not make the student eligible to win the scholarship.