Move the World - Campaign Support Model

This group is for deciding on the support process for the Move the World campaign. The initial content for this thread has been aggregated from Anna and Marco's comments in the Trello story here: https://trello.com/c/FcOQ1jZx/29-agree-on-the-move-the-world-email-support-process

We need to discuss and confirm the following details:

  • What (if any) helpdesk software should we use? (e.g. Zendesk, Groove)
  • What mailbox does [email protected] go to? Who monitors this inbox?
  • How do we deal with emails that are not in English?
  • Will there be auto-replies to this mailbox? - what will they say and will Open write these?
  • What will the timeframe for replying be? What happens over weekends when staff are not at work?
  • What is the escalation process for support emails that cannot easily be answered? (e.g. important media queries, special fundraiser stories, technical issues)
  • How many support emails are we anticipating we might receive?
  • Will we need additional staff to support this?
  • Do we need a process for dealing with support spikes? (e.g. if Stripe goes down, if MTW content goes viral)