Embodied Wisdom

The current publishing model is broken.

Embodied Wisdom a start-up global collective of mind, body and spirit masters in a congruent subset of yoga, somatics and ayurvedic practitioners. Their unified objective is to build the most trusted marketplace for health and wellness knowledge, practical solutions from decades of safe, high integrity teaching, writing and pod-casting to assist consumers easily find health solutions for their unique challenge, acquire new skills or greater peacefulness and life balance. They'll easily be able to sort valuable principles from fashionable fads, stay safe from extreme and potentially harmful physical practices, and join a highly trusted, community of synergistic and supportive practitioners for mentor-ship, skill acquisition and ultimately a more harmonious and balanced life.

The content creators all have a sphere of influence, and we’re bringing those sphere’s together. Because of the congruent philosophies and implicit transference of trust between these spheres of influence, there is an expected greater receptivity to offerings from other content creators in the collective. In this way a large cost in the existing publishing model can be transferred to more fairly support the content creators, the creation of the infrastructure and the delivery of the premium consumer experience.

Our first book is targeted to be launched Mid May, 2017.

This is a commercial enterprise that will operate with transparent open book management and the edict to share the wealth among all content creators, infrastructure contributors and the purchasing community.